How Much Can the Airline Change Your Flight Time?

You might have all your plans for your trip settled and you are just waiting for the day you depart, but then the airline decides to change your flight time. However, how much can the airline change your flight time without going against your rights? Here are the basics on your flight rights to help you know if you are being treated properly.


Changing Times

Most airlines follow their terms and conditions to help them change the date and time of your flight if they think it is needed. When a person buys a ticket from the airline, they often agree to their terms and conditions which means that the airline has the right to change the time and date even if you agreed to a specific time and date. Each airline has a different set of rules, so each may vary but you can get compensation depending on the airline and circumstance. If you are not sure if you can get compensation from the change of time and date, you can check out to get professional assistance.


If your flight gets canceled, you should get an alternative flight for free from the airline or a refund. You can get compensation too if the flight cancelation happens within 14 days before take off. You might not even realize at first that your flight got canceled. Check if your flight number is different because that is the best way to tell if your flight got canceled but if you still are not sure, you can always contact your airline.

Do not forget to check your new itinerary too, because you might have a different route than what you originally planned. The airline might give you a flight that is totally different from your first booking, which can be inconvenient for you. You can contact the airline to ask them to give you a new flight that has an itinerary nearer your initial booking. If they cannot do that, they should give you a full refund. This can let you get compensation but if you are not sure, you can check the airline’s terms and regulations and ask professionals.

Significant Delays

Minor delays usually do not give entitle you to get compensation, but you might get free food and drinks within 2 hours of a flight delay. However if your flight gets delayed for longer than 3 hours, you should get compensation from the airline as long as you file for compensation claim. Depending on the circumstances, the airline can give you 600 euros for the major delays! Compensation will also depend on whether the flight delay was within the airline’s control or not, because “extraordinary circumstances” do not entitle passengers to get compensation.

You should know that every passenger on an airline have rights issued by the law, which means that you can get compensation. If the airline decides to change your plans by changing the time and/or date of your flight, you should get compensation for the troubles that you went through.